Boom Lifts

A boom lift, also known as a cherry picker or aerial lift, is a type of elevated work platform. There is a bucket at the end of a hydraulic-powered lifting arm which carries the operator. They have a multitude of uses and applications including construction projects, building maintenance, landscaping (tree pruning), window cleaning, and painting. You'll also see boom lifts being utilized by telephone companies, cable companies, and fire departments.

We rent boom lifts ranging from 30 feet to 125 feet in length and feature gas, diesel, or electric power. We rent two types of boom lifts - straight (telescopic) and articulated. Straight boom lifts (stick booms), as their name indicates, extend vertically reaching working heights of 30 to 131 feet, depending on the model. If you're looking for maximum vertical reach as well as added horizontal reach, an articulated boom is your best option. Along with the added horizontal capability, articulated booms are well suited for areas with tight spaces and limited access - perfect for reaching up and over obstacles.